Message Series Episodes

Jesus is calling the church to actively live out their faith by showing His love to others in a practical way.  Through this unprecedented seven-part message series Pastor Tim Madding not only reveals the Christian’s heart in the life of Jesus but as an act of sympathy, and in order to draw attention to a specific need in our community or world, he will choose to live Seven Days Without a vital human need.

September 19: Seven Days Without a Home

In Matthew 25, Jesus describes the church of the last days as those that invest in the lives of others that are in need.  How we treat those that are homeless, hungry, in need of clothing, in bondage, sick, or thirsty demonstrates our faith in Jesus Christ.  In this first message of the series Pastor Tim Madding calls our attention to the least among us and specifically, those without a home.

September 26: Seven Days Without Shoes

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus is calling us to love our neighbors; to pursue an other-focused lifestyle that reflects the true nature of God.  God expects us to take the initiative, crossing boundaries and overcoming barriers, to show His mercy by serving others.  In the second part of the series, Pastor Tim Madding shares that how we respond to the needs of others is determined by who we love the most.  If we love God first, we will live other-focused.

October 3: Seven Days Without Food

After Jesus meets the need of feeding the 5000 hungry people, he engages His disciples to explain that He is the true bread that provides salvation.  His body is the bread.  In this third message of the series, Pastor Tim Madding reveals that people will most often be introduced to Jesus through our acts of service (literal bread) providing us the opportunity to then direct them to Jesus and salvation (spiritual bread).

October 10: Seven Days Without Water

A drink of water might not seem much to us that have such easy access to it, but to so many throughout the world, they thirst for fresh, clean water.  For them, it means the difference between life and death.  Jesus comes to the woman at the well and asks for a drink of water and in turn offers her the eternal Water of Life.  In this fourth message of the series Pastor Tim Madding shares that just how our world longs for pure water, they desire the refreshing that only Jesus can bring through us.

October 24: Seven Days Without Speaking

The world is filled with those that lack the ability to speak- both literally and figuratively.  In the fifth message of the series, we see that Jesus was actively healing and restoring people who had no voice.  Whether he miraculously healed a man born mute or drove out the money changers so that the lame and children had access to the temple, Jesus was willing to take personal risk for the benefit of others.

October 31: Seven Days Without Freedom

As Jesus stepped ashore the banks of the Gerasenes, a man in chains and possessed by a demon runs to Him.  In fear, the disciples flee, but Jesus has compassion on the man and sets him free from the bondage of the shackles and the chains that have bound his life.  In the sixth message of the series, Pastor Tim Madding reveals the heart-wrenching reality that many in our community and world are in bondage and has called us to be courageous in setting them free.

November 7: Seven Days Without Health

Many pastors and health providers alike agree that if the church were willing to follow Jesus’ method of service by personally engaging in people’s lives through acts of humble compassion, opportunities would be provided them to share His love and others would become sons and daughters of God.  In this final message of the series, Pastor Tim Madding reveals that the health message is more than an intellectual acquisition of nutritional information, but a successful means of reaching people for Jesus.

Seven Days Without is a message series of Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church designed to call Christians to activate their faith by choosing to personally engage their comunity- both locally and gloablly.  For more information about the Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church visit the website.



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